Masterly, The Dutch in Milano

Miss Solar Light has been selected for Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, during the Milan Design Week 2019.

Dutch Pavilion
Palazzo Franseco Turati
Via Meravigli 7 – Duomo Milano Metro

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Superstudio Più
Project by Gisella Borioli, art direction Giulio Cappellini
Via Tortona 27 – Porta Genova Metro

60 hours of Solar Light

The world’s greatest natural energy resource is the sun. It’s abundant, sustainable and available everywhere. A solution for everyone in need of power.


Renewable Plastic

Plastic is used everywhere in the world. It has become a huge burden for our planet. Most plastics take a long time to degrade. Our oceans with the animals and vegetation are threatened in their existence. 


In & Outdoor use

Miss Nightingale can be used In- and Outdoor. We have designed special drains in the saucer with in the back of our minds the increasing amounts of heavy rain as a consequence of Global Warming causing Climate Change.



As an alternative for solar charging we also have provided a USB cable. To charge, the cable has to be connected to the micro USB port of Miss Nightingale.


Dutch Innovation for a Sustainable Lifestyle

  • Dutch Design & Engineering
  • Innovative, Dutch Software Technology
  • Energy efficient LED with
  • 4 lighting MODES
  • 60 hours of light using MODE 1
  • Self-charging with Battery Indicator
  • Micro USB charging option in less sunny conditions
  • Durable, water resistant to humidity and easy to package, carry and assemble when travelling

Dutch Design Solar Light Illuminates For Ever!

  • Classic and elegant Dutch Design candle lamp with Hi-tech features
  • Highly Sustainable design made from recycled plastic
  • AvE insignia of authenticity on Miss Nightingal Candle and Ring
  • Designer lighting for Home Dining tables and Bathroom, Garden, outdoor Camping and Leisure, or for Travelling and Hosptality
  • Available in Black, White, Nickle and Transparent

Miss Solar Light design by Annet van Egmond Studio©

  • Tributed to “The Lady with the Lamp“… Miss Nightingale©, the archetype caregiver
  • Miss Nightingale lamp is an icon for sustainable living and funds Nature conservation
  • Empowering Women in Design