Passionate by design

Already at a young age I discovered my talents and passion for design. After graduating from the Art Academy I started in the garage of my parents to weld metal sculptures. By adding a lighting bulb to it I suddenly created my first chandelier.

Annet van Egmond

Together with my former partner I than started “Brand van Egmond”. In 30 years we created a global brand and delivered products in 66 countries.

In 2011 I have started my own design studio: “Annet van Egmond Studio”. It’s my intention to build a Design team that focusses on products that are sustainable. It is my strong believe and commitment to nature that we cannot and should not continue to exploit our planet as we have done lately. That is why I only want to use renewable energy sources, renewable or bio degradable materials and energy efficient light sources (LED).

Annet van Egmond Studio Brand





Focus on sustainability

My studio will design products for my own companies like Miss Solar Light but is also available to create designs for third parties. In the past I have already created designs for Jewelry and Wall Covering. At the other side, Miss Solar Light will also be open for designs of third parties. We can offer access to an efficient supply chain and a web shop to support business opportunities from other designers.

Anniversary of 30 years Lighting Design

I was often asked where my passion for light and sculpture comes from. My love of the craft, to discover new technology and to focus and love the experience and the urge to develop and to grow is a significant driving force. It’s so exciting to improving on yourself.

In 1989 saw the birth of our first lighting sculpture, Chandelier. She was born out of masses of sketches in repetitions which I made during my Academy period. With Brand van Egmond were 20 wonderful years.

All my products have a story. The story comes first and than the product. Every product has to have a soul. Light could be a sculpture but could also shine a light on the big Issues of our World.

My love for Nature like I wrote in my book Lighting Sculptures Is so important that’s why I love to give something back. I have focussed for 4 years on sustainable lighting Design, Technical engineering, software and improving manufacturing.

High-tech Sustainable design Candleholder

Together with a team of smart Dutch engineers Van Egmond spent three years developing the innovative candleholder Miss Nightingale. Applying advanced and sustainable technology optimises use. Miss Nightingale has a long burning capacity of 60 hours and comes with lenses in four lighting intensities. The solar cells are so powerful that they charge quickly. Energy use is minimal and by optimising the battery it is barely burdened. In addition the lamp has been made from sustainable components, such as recycled plastic.

From Craft to High-Tech
The portable lantern is a resourceful item in places where electrical light is not available. Ideal for travellers (on boats, camp sides or the beach) or at home. The candleholder is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, easy to carry ( the lamp can be easily detached from the candle and put back together) and rain proof.

Miss Nightingale is available in white and black