Passionate by design

Already at a young age I discovered my talents and passion for design. After graduating from the Art Academy I started in the garage of my parents to weld metal sculptures. By adding a lighting bulb to it I suddenly created my first chandelier.

Annet van Egmond Studio

Together with my former partner I than started “Brand van Egmond”. In 29 years we created a global brand and delivered products in 66 countries.

In 2011 I have started my own design studio: “Annet van Egmond Studio”. It’s my intention to build a Design team that focusses on products that are sustainable. It is my strong believe and commitment to nature that we cannot and should not continue to exploit our planet as we have done lately. That is why I only want to use renewable energy sources, renewable or bio degradable materials and energy efficient light sources (LED).

Annet van Egmond Studio Brand





3rd Parties

My studio will design products for my own companies like Miss Solar Light but is also available to create designs for third parties. In the past I have already created designs for Jewelry and Wall Covering. At the other side, Miss Solar Light will also be open for designs of third parties. We can offer access to an efficient supply chain and a web shop to support business opportunities from other designers.

Photo Gallery

Another “Annet van Egmond studio” Art expression is her Photo Gallery.

With her visionary approach and her studio’s expertise in art-direction, design, sculpture, lifestyle and attention-to-detail Annet van Egmond Studio® creates and connects/melts photography into real Artworks. This results in a new perspective to the process of destination and experience design.

Nature plays also here an important role as source of inspiration powered by female artists.