Annet van Egmond will reflect on her new business venture at Dutch Design Week 2018

Dutch Design Week. Saturday October 20th.
Meet the maker 14.00 at Yksi, Torenallee 22-04 in Eindhoven.

From the start of her career, Annet van Egmond is stimulating Dutch Design and exploring new horizons, representing a diverse portfolio of collaborations with talented Dutch designers.

Since the 80s, she enlightened design trends with an organic style of welding metal sculptures in the garage of her parents where she, later together with her former partner, established “Brand van Egmond”, a global leader in the Design and Lighting industry.

Annet van Egmond Studio 1984 - 1996
Annet van Egmond working in her first studio (1989 – 1995) Utrecht Academy of Arts graduate.
photo: ©Annet van Egmond Studio

In 2014, Annet van Egmond decided to influence her conscious way of approaching design into the light industry by turning to a free and accessible source of energy,… the Sun,…and an innovative ecological way to engineering solutions in the design process that are less harmful to Nature and our Planet.

Inspired by her passion for Wildlife and Nature, she created a new venture called Miss Solar Light© with Design, Nature, Sustainability and the empowerment of Women at the heart of her new brand and introduced an eco-friendly solar light succinctly entitled… Miss Nightingale©

Miss Nightingale© available in Black and White.
photo: ©Annet van Egmond Studio

For the occasion of the Dutch Design Week, Annet wants to share the story of her journey in which she transitioned from working on one-off highly customized Art lighting sculptures to Hi-Tech sustainable volume lighting lamps.

Miss Solar Light Duth Desight Week 2018
Come and get inspired:
Saturday October 20th
Meet the maker by Next Way of Living
from 14.00 – 16.00
at Yksi, Torenallee 22-04 in Eindhoven.

to confirm your attendance for the event please contact:

Annet van Egmond

Our connection to Earth and nature is undeniable:
Our planets gain is everyone’s gain.

MissSolarlight© by Annet van Egmond in collaboration with WWF &WNF