The Lady with the lamp

The Lady with the lamp.

For example, Florence Nightingale became the founder of nursing – also called. She takes her name from her role in the Crimean War where she walked through the barracks with her lamp at night to help wounded soldiers. She was literally a bright spot in a dark time.

Today, on Care Day, it is 200 years since Florence was born. That is why we bring in our photo series

#ikbenflorence an ode to her and all the hardworking nurses Who now, just like Florence, bring light in this dark time.

Initiative by #olvgamsterdam



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From old Dutch Master’s paintings to High Tech Miss Nightingale Line Drawings

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Solar Puck Alarm

Solar Puck Alarm 

Designed especially for women and children.


The idea was conceived while spending time amongst the Rangers in Africa, where there is no lighting at night.


Illuminate the woman and children who live off grid and travel with Solar Puck Alarm.


Solar Puck is a solar powered light which is wearable and be used as a lamp at home as it fits on a bottle. It brings kids and women safety on the road and allows them to study and read at home in any off-grid situation.

“The sun is free and always available. Solar Puck Alarm is made by a woman for a woman. The light is wearable on the wrist, arm or on clothing. Puck gives safety when walking along the unlit roads on the way home in the evening. The Puck is designed in such a way that it fits on a bottle. Children can now read at home and do their homework. The light also improves safety and the atmosphere in the home.”

Industrieel Design Proces

Creating an industrial design product takes years. The processes involved are complex. Usually it requires entire teams to develop a concept.

Behind the Scenes

The initial brainstorm sessions already took place in 2014. Annet was working solo in her studio, developing her ideas. Solar lights had just entered the market: Unattractive, disposable lights without alarm and of inferior quality. She embarked on a long journey to create aesthetically appealing lights. This included looking for engineers and designers for a long string of collaborations. Various models and working prototypes saw the light between 2015 and 2019. Each new model improving on the last through extensive testing. This eventually led to a light with a circular Solar cell. Three high-quality Leds sport 3 light modes, fitted with an alarm. Brand logos and texts can be burnt on the light strap. Solar Puck can also be strapped to a rucksack with strings.

Annet van Egmond is open to opportunities to partner up with large firms who can market the Solar Puck Alarm.

KPN Startup Third Lustrum event

Miss Nightingale shines a light on the 15th KPN Startup Evening, December 11th at the headquarters in Rotterdam.

Thank you KPN startup team for selecting us. We were grateful that we could present and pitch Miss Solar Light during this evening.

Miss Nightingale is a perfect sustainable consumer product where Dutch Innovation and female technology comes together.

During the the KPN startup event we were happy to meet great investors and wonderful people who are thinking out of the box to bring Miss Nightingale to a scale-up.

CES Unveiled the 17th of October

Miss Nightingale shines at the Women in Tech Power Break CES Unveiled the 17th of October.

State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Mona Keijzer, and Gary Shapiro, the President and CEO of the Consumer Technology Association organized this wonderful CESUnveiled event how tech will improving lives.

Ambassador Hoekstra gives a keynote with a various policy panels.

HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje presented the 50 Dutch Startups that will exhibit at CES 2020.

During the event the Women in Tech Power Break inspires, drives these conversations, and shows how to put disruption theory into practice-by Females in Tech.

Mona Keijzer and Merei Wagenaar are strongly committed to supporting and promoting female entrepreneurship

Thank you all for this wonderful event it was great!

GES 2019



Studio Annet van Egmond offers a sustainable lighting solution with the ‘Miss Nightingale’ candleholder. The lamp unites innovation, design and sustainability with female entrepreneurship and empowerment. During GES19 Van Egmond hopes to engage with European manufacturers and distributors, to cast more light on the world.


The ‘Miss Nightingale’ candleholder brings light where it is hard to find. The lamp is an ingenious play between solar-power and LED-light. With a burning capacity of 60 hours and a minimal imposition on the battery the candleholder provides sustainable energy. Mobile and rain proof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, safe, also for children and the elderly.

The challenge lied in creating a design that is as sustainable as possible, which also lead to the use of recycled plastic. ‘Miss Nightingale’ is available in various materials and in four different light intensities. With a sand blasted lens for a romantic glow or a clear lens for a practical reading light.

Designer Annet van Egmond lost her heart to Africa and donates part of the revenue to the World Nature Fund and South African Wildlife College. The name is an ode to the ‘Lady with the Lamp’.


Female designer

For more than 30 years Annet van Egmond has made her mark on the world of light sculptures and design. Together with her ex-partner she spearheaded Brand Van Egmond. Lamps by this international high-end brand are hanging all over the world.

In 2011 Annet drastically changed course and founded Studio Annet van Egmond. She is determined to contribute to sustainability, technological innovation and

women’s empowerment. In recent years she joined forces with a team of smart Dutch engineers to do research into technological innovation. Autonomously and under her own name Annet van Egmond is building her sustainable product line.


Pitch GES19

In April 2019 designer Annet van Egmond introduced the high-tech candleholder during the renowned design fair in Milan, the Salone del Mobile.

The invitation for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019 she takes as the platform to offer her plea for sustainable Dutch design and a sustainable European industry. She prefers to keep production close to home, for the sake of the environment and local employment.

This is why she is actively seeking new European manufacturers and distributors. Investment partners are also welcome, to make ‘Miss Nightingale’s’ light shine globally.

Visite the GES2019 website

Looking for Distribution Partners

Miss Solar Light is looking for European Distribution Partners in Luxury & Sustainable Design

Miss Nightingale is the only Luxury High-Tech Sustainable Candle holder which shines for more than 60 hours on Light. After the market introduction in 2018 by WWF and last April 2019 in Milan we have worked hard to establish a position in the Dutch Market. Now we want to broaden our scope and want to explore and develop the markets outside the Netherlands into Europe step by step like I did before. We are looking for distribution partners that can help us in achieving those objectives. We are specifically interested in distributors that have access to High Level Design outlets in the Home & Garden, Travel and Hospitality World. Those distributors should be capable to support those channels. Miss Solar Light is a company started by Annet van Egmond Studio. Annet was the founder and co-owner of Brand van Egmond and has a great reputation in the High End Design Lighting world based on the successes that were created by that brand.

Want to learn more about this opportunity, please write to:

Miss Nightingale shines more than 60 hours on Light and is ready for the World

Masterly, The Dutch in Milano

Masterly, The Dutch in Milano

Miss Solar Light has been selected for Masterly – The Dutch in Milano, during the Milan Design Week 2019.

Dutch Pavilion
Palazzo Franseco Turati
Via Meravigli 7 – Duomo Milano Metro

Read here for more information.


Superstudio Più
Project by Gisella Borioli, art direction Giulio Cappellini
Via Tortona 27 – Porta Genova Metro

Launch of energy-efficient LED lamp with André Kuipers

Launch of energy-efficient LED lamp with André Kuipers

Designer Annet van Egmond introduces Miss Nightingale, a high-tech candlestick that combines LED lighting and solar energy with an industrial design and sustainable composition.


Miss Nightingale by Annet van Egmond

2019 Residence "VROUW MET EEN MISSIE"

Ontwerper ANNET VAN EGMOND, bekend van Brand van Egmond, heeft een missie. Ze wil de wereld LICHT BRENGEN en het laten schijnen op de natuur, die we met hand en tand moeten BESCHERMEN.

Je hebt een nieuw product gelanceerd, vertel. ‘Miss Nightingale is een duurzame, hightech luxe kandelaar die werkt op zonne-energie en geschikt is voor zowel binnen als buiten. Als sfeerlicht, maar bijvoorbeeld ook als leeslampje. Jarenlang heb ik samen met mijn ex-partner, onder het merk Brand van Egmond, lichtsculpturen gemaakt die letterlijk de hele wereld over gingen. Veel van de inspiratie voor deze werken kwam uit Afrika, waaraan ik mijn hart verloor. Nu wil ik iets terugdoen. Ik wil licht beschikbaar maken voor iedereen en het gesprek op gang brengen over hoe we omgaan met onze natuur. De zon is overal gratis, dus gebruik ik deze voortaan als energiebron voor de producten die ik ontwerp. En wat is een mooier archetype voor deze missie dan de klassieke kandelaar?’

Wat is er zo bijzonder aan jouw ontwerp? ‘Ik ben drie jaar bezig geweest met het ontwikkelen van deze kandelaar. Ik heb me nooit gerealiseerd dat er zo veel techniek bij zou komen kijken. Nog nooit heb ik zo veel tijd aan een ontwerp besteed. Het moest allemaal helemaal kloppen en in lijn zijn met mijn missie. Van de herkomst van de grondstoffen tot de toepasbaarheid. De kandelaar heeft vier bijzondere aspecten: zonnecellen om altijd en overal gratis op te kunnen laden, led-verlichting met vier verschillende sterktes, plastic gemaakt van gerecyclede kratten en smartware die is ontwikkeld met een team van Nederlandse ingenieurs. Het bijzondere hiervan is dat de lamp zichzelf oplaadt en wel zestig uur kan branden. Dat is voor iets op zonne-energie bijzonder lang. Ik ben in eerste instantie een kunstenaar, dus de research naar het technische aspect van dit product was voor mij heel andere koek. Van craft naar hightech, Philips in het klein. Maar dat heb ik toch maar mooi voor elkaar gekregen.’

What’s next? ‘Miss Nightingale is geschikt voor alle
omstandigheden. Gewoon in huis, ’s zomers in de tuin of op reis. Want de kaars kan losgeschroefd worden van de schotel en past dus in elke koffer. Nu moet ze de hele wereld over om licht te schijnen op de uitdagingen waar we voor staan: het behoud van de aarde en zuinig zijn met de natuur.’

Miss Nightingale 4 Lighting Modes

Goed om te weten: een percentage van de opbrengst van Miss Nightingale gaat naar het Wereld Natuur Fonds en het South African Wildlife College, dat zich inzet voor het behoud van de natuur. € 79,95
Residence Jan/Feb 2019

Miss Solar Light by Annet van Egmond Residence January 2019