Miss Solar Light is looking for European Distribution Partners in Luxury & Sustainable Design

Miss Nightingale is the only Luxury High-Tech Sustainable Candle holder which shines for more than 60 hours on Light. After the market introduction in 2018 by WWF and last April 2019 in Milan we have worked hard to establish a position in the Dutch Market. Now we want to broaden our scope and want to explore and develop the markets outside the Netherlands into Europe step by step like I did before. We are looking for distribution partners that can help us in achieving those objectives. We are specifically interested in distributors that have access to High Level Design outlets in the Home & Garden, Travel and Hospitality World. Those distributors should be capable to support those channels. Miss Solar Light is a company started by Annet van Egmond Studio. Annet was the founder and co-owner of Brand van Egmond and has a great reputation in the High End Design Lighting world based on the successes that were created by that brand.

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Miss Nightingale shines more than 60 hours on Light and is ready for the World