Studio Annet van Egmond offers a sustainable lighting solution with the ‘Miss Nightingale’ candleholder. The lamp unites innovation, design and sustainability with female entrepreneurship and empowerment. During GES19 Van Egmond hopes to engage with European manufacturers and distributors, to cast more light on the world.


The ‘Miss Nightingale’ candleholder brings light where it is hard to find. The lamp is an ingenious play between solar-power and LED-light. With a burning capacity of 60 hours and a minimal imposition on the battery the candleholder provides sustainable energy. Mobile and rain proof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, safe, also for children and the elderly.

The challenge lied in creating a design that is as sustainable as possible, which also lead to the use of recycled plastic. ‘Miss Nightingale’ is available in various materials and in four different light intensities. With a sand blasted lens for a romantic glow or a clear lens for a practical reading light.

Designer Annet van Egmond lost her heart to Africa and donates part of the revenue to the World Nature Fund and South African Wildlife College. The name is an ode to the ‘Lady with the Lamp’.


Female designer

For more than 30 years Annet van Egmond has made her mark on the world of light sculptures and design. Together with her ex-partner she spearheaded Brand Van Egmond. Lamps by this international high-end brand are hanging all over the world.

In 2011 Annet drastically changed course and founded Studio Annet van Egmond. She is determined to contribute to sustainability, technological innovation and

women’s empowerment. In recent years she joined forces with a team of smart Dutch engineers to do research into technological innovation. Autonomously and under her own name Annet van Egmond is building her sustainable product line.


Pitch GES19

In April 2019 designer Annet van Egmond introduced the high-tech candleholder during the renowned design fair in Milan, the Salone del Mobile.

The invitation for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2019 she takes as the platform to offer her plea for sustainable Dutch design and a sustainable European industry. She prefers to keep production close to home, for the sake of the environment and local employment.

This is why she is actively seeking new European manufacturers and distributors. Investment partners are also welcome, to make ‘Miss Nightingale’s’ light shine globally.

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