Jamaica welcomes Miss Nightingale©,
an idyllic location for Solar Design Technology and Sustainable living

With an abundance of exotic beaches, restaurants, spars and hotels that include mesmerizing sunset landscape views, Jamaica is the ideal location for Solar Design Technology and Sustainable living.

Targets to increase the use of renewable energy up to 30 percent by 2030 can easily be achieved by implementing sustainable technology in the tourist industry and supporting campaigns for more investments to be made by the government and the private sector that ensure an affordable and environmentally conscious transition from non-renewable to renewable energy.

According to representatives in the field, Jamaica is highly confident that the country can meet and even exceed these expectations as it tackles demands for reducing the cost of supplying electricity to remote and congested areas across the country.

Miss Nightingale by Annet van Egmond Jamaica

It is estimated that Jamaica could save billions of dollars in the energy transition from fossil fuels such as coal, gas and petroleum to clean solar power and considering that much of its expenditure and income is surrounded by the leisure and tourist industry, these sectors have a huge responsibility towards reducing the social and environmental impact of tourism and curbing the effects of climate change by improving the natural life style and well being of Jamaican citizens.

Miss Nightingale by Annet van Egmond Jamaica

As part of a Miss Solar Light campaign for Nature and the empowerment of people with limited access to affordable electricity, Annet van Egmond (co-founder of Brand van Edmond lighting enterprise) has designed a Hi-Tech candle lamp in collaboration with WWF, that provides more than 60 hours of free solar light. This offers many lifestyle changing solutions for the increased environmental concerns and the effect that the consumption of energy from the tourist and hospitality industry is having on fair access and distribution of new sustainable technology that can improve the negative impact that the consumer industry is having on the local economy and environment.

Miss Nightingale by Annet van Egmond Jamaica

Miss Nightingale©

Named after the iconic historical care-giver,
the Miss Nightingale lamp is the new line of solar lighting
that funds Nature conservation and provides
clean, safe and affordable in and outdoor lighting.

Miss Nightingale© available in Black and White.
photo: ©Annet van Egmond Studio

Our connection to Earth and nature is undeniable:
Our planets gain is everyone’s gain.

MissSolarlight© by Annet van Egmond in collaboration with WWF &WNF