Miss Nightingale© launched on the occasion of Earth Hour

Saturday March 24th was this year’s timing for the annual Earth Hour event. Earth Hour is an initiative of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature WWF to draw attention to the threats our Planet Earth is faced with. Every year lights at monumental buildings globally are switched off for one hour. The iconic Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam was the 2018 location in The Netherlands with the Dutch national Broadcaster NOS covering the event live. The former Dutch astronaut, André Kuipers, ambassador of WWF pressed the red bottom and then the lights were switched off and the bridge turned dark.

Annet van Egmond and André Kuipers Earth Hour
Annet van Egmond with André Kuipers, WNF Ambassadeur
photo: ©Fred Ernst / WNF

Especially for the occasion and to support and enhance WWF’s message, Light Designer Annet van Egmond introduced a brand new product to the market. The “Miss Nightingale”, referring to the well-known nurse with her burning candle, is iconic like the Erasmus Bridge. During day time the product uses the eternal source of energy, the Sun, to charge its battery. The battery feeds the very energy efficient LED lamp when it is dark. The product itself is made out of recycled plastic. With this product Annet combines her specific skills for design with her passion for Nature.

“I want to shine a light on our planet Earth, it is my ambition to positively influence the lives of people around the world through the use of an abundant available and free source, namely the sun”.

Annet van Egmond

Earth Hour in the Netherlands: dark inner cities and meditating in nature. The national switch off-moment took place at the Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam
photo: ©Fred Ernst / WNF

Our connection to Earth and nature is undeniable:
Our planets gain is everyone’s gain.

MissSolarlight© by Annet van Egmond in collaboration with WWF &WNF