Solar Puck Alarm 

Designed especially for women and children.


The idea was conceived while spending time amongst the Rangers in Africa, where there is no lighting at night.


Illuminate the woman and children who live off grid and travel with Solar Puck Alarm.


Solar Puck is a solar powered light which is wearable and be used as a lamp at home as it fits on a bottle. It brings kids and women safety on the road and allows them to study and read at home in any off-grid situation.

“The sun is free and always available. Solar Puck Alarm is made by a woman for a woman. The light is wearable on the wrist, arm or on clothing. Puck gives safety when walking along the unlit roads on the way home in the evening. The Puck is designed in such a way that it fits on a bottle. Children can now read at home and do their homework. The light also improves safety and the atmosphere in the home.”

Industrieel Design Proces

Creating an industrial design product takes years. The processes involved are complex. Usually it requires entire teams to develop a concept.

Behind the Scenes

The initial brainstorm sessions already took place in 2014. Annet was working solo in her studio, developing her ideas. Solar lights had just entered the market: Unattractive, disposable lights without alarm and of inferior quality. She embarked on a long journey to create aesthetically appealing lights. This included looking for engineers and designers for a long string of collaborations. Various models and working prototypes saw the light between 2015 and 2019. Each new model improving on the last through extensive testing. This eventually led to a light with a circular Solar cell. Three high-quality Leds sport 3 light modes, fitted with an alarm. Brand logos and texts can be burnt on the light strap. Solar Puck can also be strapped to a rucksack with strings.

Annet van Egmond is open to opportunities to partner up with large firms who can market the Solar Puck Alarm.